There is Some EPIC in the Air…

Some of you may judge, and say we haven’t known each other long enough… that we’re moving too fast. But when things are right, they’re right. We cannot deny our love anymore.

My Facebook fiancee and I are officially tying the knot this fall, in the middle of our birthdays.  This way, each year we will be able to have one big huge shebang, which means that you all have to buy us extra enormous presents. We’re registered at WalMart and the liquor store. Don’t worry, there’ll be an open bar of an assortment of boxed wine.


Unless I’m not.

Anyhizzle, this website is not only to serve as a documentation of our undying love, it is also a reminder to all of you to save the date of Saturday, October 17th, 2009, in Washington DC, location: UPSTAIRS at Stetson’s on 16th and U Streets, (U Street  Metro- 13th Street exit! Not 10th!) – 8 pm.

Do what you need to do to be there, people. It’s gonna be epic.


P.S. Leave a comment below if you’re in, so we know how many gift bags to make…









65 responses to “There is Some EPIC in the Air…

  1. I would clap, but the noise would probably hurt my head right now.


    Aw, my blushing bride! I’ll make you chicken soup later.

  2. Is there any doubt?

    I’m in.

  3. Ha. Just saw that I’m on the wedding party list.


    You were in before you even knew you were in.

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  5. I will wave my officiant fee…just for you guys.

    Also, who took that pic of you at brunch? My boyfriend?

    YES. We’ll pay you in hugs. And it was Katie, but I’m sure she wasn’t the only one enjoying it.strong>

  6. I can’t believe you set a date! Oh you crazy kids. I could officiate if I weren’t going to be in Morgantown. I’ll check out the registry later. Congratulations!

    Morgantown Schmorgantown! Fix this!

  7. If I remember correctly Oct. 24th is the date of the NoVa brewfest that justjp sent a massive email about. I think there may be no more appropriate place to hold the nuptials than a festival of drinking.

    EPIC. Simply EPIC.

  8. Um, yes. And also, of course.

    Let’s make some memories.

  9. You two crazy kids make my heart all weepy and stuff.

    Just make sure you’re there. I’ll bring the tissues.

  10. I shall probably be attending. :]


  11. i’m so there it’s inSANE.

    and if nick took that brunch photo, i’m going to need to lick your camera.

    It was Katie… but I’m sure Nick enjoyed it.

  12. My hearts all a flutter. I love weddings. *weep*

    It will be the most beautiful one of ALL TIME.

    Or at least the most drunk.

  13. I hereby promise to do everything in my power to make the trip. Being in college/teaching means my schedule is going to be pretty harsh for the next year but I should hopefully be able to swing it.

    Quick question though, is B going to be a kept man?

    Ha, probably, if I’m going to get him to agree to this… Make it happen!

  14. I can be there. My BD is Nov 6, so I can kind of celebrate too.

    Is it a religious ceremony? If so, I may only come to the reception. Some of those ceremonies are kind of boring.

    Our god is tequila.

  15. So this makes two nuptials I’ll be attending in October! Sweet!

    So long as ours is the most important. Duh.

  16. I’m all about autumn weddings and will very much find a way to crash this party. As they say in the old country, Mazel Tov!

    Dibs on the glass-breaking.

  17. oh i’m in, ill be there with bells on – it’s going to be epic.

    You BETTER be!

  18. also i laughed out loud at the spelling of cum.


    It’s klassier that way.

  19. that wedding party list is HAWT

    also – i will so, so very, very gladly bake the b’day cake! it’ll look something like this: caaaake

    will email y’all shortlies

    So long as there’s two brides at the top…

  20. This feels like a trip I should make…

    Doesn’t it, though? 😉

  21. it’s just so BEAUTIFUL when two people find love, you know?? le sigh. i’ll definitely be there to celebrate your love!

    I knew we could count on you.

  22. You two should have kids. Girls. Then they will have the most amazing boobs ever!

    She’d pop out with a training bra, for reals.

  23. I am honored to be a part of this celebration of love (and booze). I predict this will be the best wedding I’ve ever attended.

    You predict correctly, my love.

  24. I was juuuust wondering if I could be one of the following:

    Limo Driver
    The Bouquet
    The father of the bride

    Let me know!

    How about all of the above?

  25. The idea I just told Maxie:

    Let’s film one of those love story interviews- you know where you individually confess your love and tell how you met and stuff and I film you guys walking in a park together..

    That’s your online save the date!

    We already took pictures at our movie date this weekend! Perfect…

  26. am gonna have to celebrate from afar, maybe we can organise for all those in the Uk who cannot make it to have a booze-up in your honour on the same day…we can even do a satellite link up thing…am i getting too far ahead of myself here?!?!


  27. This is tragic–I’ll be in DC at the end of August, but not in October. Engagement party shebang, maybe? You deserve as many parties as possible in your honor. Seriously.

    Engagement party in August? DONE and DONE!!!

  28. So in.

    I’d be insulted that I’m not in the wedding party but then I realized this means I don’t have to buy a hideous bridesmaid dress. WOOT! You both rock!

    I think EVERYONE should show up in hideous bridesmaid dresses…

  29. I dont know if you heard,

    But guess whos coming.

    I am.

    Oh, you BETTER be!!!

  30. Where can I mail my gift if I can’t get a cheap flight??

    I’ll cry if I can’t be there in person, but will drink my heart out wherever I am!

    Glasses will be raised all over the world!

  31. I’d like to volunteer myself to organize the Northern California satellite Maxie-LiLu wedding celebration, as I won’t be there in person. Also, this could serve as the greatest pre-party ever
    since y’all will be wed one week before my birthday. Thank you for that.

    Yesssss. As long as you’re there in spirit, that’ll have to do.

  32. Damn my parents for a) being British b) bringing me up in Britain and c) not foreseeing this moment in time when it would’ve been really handy to live in the US! Damn, damn, damn them!

    Hmm, October 24th is a long way off though…here’s to hoping I find a way! x

    That’s the idea… hopefully the big ass heads up helps people be able to come!

  33. This I have got to see. I would love to be there, but I must check my schuedule.

  34. “I think EVERYONE should show up in hideous bridesmaid dresses…”

    Ooh I have a purple satin number with puffy sleeves. It’s just lovaly.

    YESSSS. Someone better show up in velour…

  35. congratulations to the two brides to be!

    Thank ya!!

  36. I hope Lilu doesnt hate me for this, but.. i had a wild dream with her fiancee a couple of weeks ago. Why? how did that happen? I am not sure, but rest assured that i went to bed thinking of another blogger instead and it wasn’t you both or related to your gang.

    did I say nother blogger? No it was uhm..

    just someone else.


    What the? I don’t even want to know.

  37. Oh and congratulations to you both, you guys crack me the hell up…

    I thought Lilu was a nut, but Maxie makes it for both.

    Adorable you two are

  38. Oh hells yeah.

    I just broke open the piggy bank to see how many pennies I have to save.

    It’s doable and I’m there.

    Can I throw the bachelor party? I’ll get hot strippers.

    You smashed it with a hammer, right? I’ve always wanted to do that.

  39. you guys are crazy.

    i love it

    So do we, my dear… so do we. 🙂

  40. PS: Love the matching leggings and visors.

    If you’re lucky, we just might wear them that night…

  41. What a lovely couple. You will make beautiful babies and beverages.

  42. count me in. you will offically be the EIGHTH (8th) wedding on the Preston family calendar this year. I need to figure out how to add you to my fridge covered in STDs.

  43. I just spit out my coffee when I saw the nursing bra.

    But why do you only want one?

  44. I’m actually considering asking my BFF to move his wedding to a different day so I can go to this one.

    Maybe I could fake sick and hop on a plane to DC for this shindig.

  45. Oh, I am SO in! A chance for a wild night? I wouldn’t pass it up… Especially since I need one of those, and what better way to have one than with you two? 😉

  46. How beautiful. I would be honored to be a witness.

  47. totally bringing back a bottle of Colombian whiskey for this.

  48. Okay girls. So, I’m finally reading this post and my four-year-old says, “Hey, who are those girls? They look like fun. Look, Mama….THEY HAVE PAINT ON THEIR FACES!!” She would like to come to this blessed event, however, we live a million hour drive away. And we have school on Monday. However, if I become independently wealthy, I’d love nothing more to meet y’all on your wedding day and take some G-Rated video to bring to the fam.
    Congrats!! You girls crack me up. 🙂

  49. Count me in for one SOG SEAL Team Elite Fixed Blade Knife (if I can find 10 other people to kick in, yano?). You never know when you’ll have to throw down with someone.

    Are flasks allowed during the ceremony?

  50. Yay! Congratulations on the impending nuptials. Please tell me if I can help with my party planning abilities!

  51. I’ve been out of the blogging world too long….wedding date set, ha, I better be there! Now I am extra happy, my divorce is final this Friday and you two are tying the knot, the world is perfect as can be!

  52. So in. Leaving the kids at home and debating monogrammed towels or thongs as pressies…

  53. I can’t believe this is my first time seeing your official wedding site. I’m totes mcgoats in.

  54. I booked my flight todaaaay. Now I’m shopping your registry because I’m cool like that.

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  56. omg! that is awesome. make sure to take lots of pictures for all of us who can’t be there. =)

  57. This is AMAZING. I want to come!

  58. would love to meet the infamous LiLu and her lover!

  59. Ah, this is two days after surgery and I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to come…but alas, you are the BEST and chose a place half a block from me!!

    I adore you and shall serenade you many times.

    And you know this marks my 27th wedding. Woot!

    Only because I love you.

  60. So I fucked up my knee. Which means I’m not running in my marathon. Which means I get to come to the most Epic wedding ever. And my 6th this year. Done and Done. Now to buy a gift….Pleasure Palace here I come!

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